FS: Seagate 250GB Sata HDD

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Model No: Baracuda 7200.10 ST3250820AS
Serail No is 5QE0BZAT

End User
Serial Number
Seagate Part Number
Warranty Status
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(*see details below)
5QE0BZAT 9BJ13E-305 In Warranty
Expiration 25-Aug-2011 Exchange
Please contact Esys Distribution. Alternatively you may request RMA directly to Seagate by clicking the "Create RMA" button.

NO Bad Sectors, perfect condition
Pick up from Chembur,Mumbai Prefered.
is it faster than the current so called 250 GB single platters or raptors ?

if no one buys i might be interested ...a bit short of cash but will make the arrangements if its available for sale :)
this is the specs for both drives from seagate site check the seek times of both drives

Drive on HOLD for a friend if ne one is interested please pm me locking this thread
Not open for further replies.