FS: Thermalright Ultima 90I + Scythe Kama 120mm PWM fan

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SunnyBoi said:
Does the kit have socket 939 mounting options?

No. :(

Available for purchase separately. :no:
But one can always borrow the 939 bolt-thru kit (top plate and the corresponding bolts+springs) from friends using their Thermalright Ultras on mIntels. :eek:hyeah:

Or the H/I shaped mounting plate of Thermaltake coolers with the same socket 939 screws that come off the mobo or slightly longer ones with lil 'rubber/silicone rubber/double-sided sticky tape' padding below the top plate to prevent it from slipping. :p
Hmmm was thinking DIY mounts. But bikey even if you get the mounts you need the backplate too right? Current backplate wont work. Or swap that too alongwith the 939 mount? :p

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You will need the metal backplate of Asus mobos for most 939 cooler even if you have the TR 939 Bolt-thru kit. :)

Most 939 coolers use the stock metal 939 backplate found on Asus, Foxconn and msi mobos- say XP-90, TTBT or even the gigantica, mammotha tuniq tower120. :O
The stock DFI plastic backplate won't do- assuming we are speaking in context to your shiny, new, sexy Ultra-D. :p

Which is why Sidewinders retails those backplates (foxy mobo like) too. :lol:
You may try swapping your yellow backplate and the screws with someone using a stock cooler on a 939 mobo with their metal backplate and the respective screws- DFI screws are longer. :ashamed:
maybe a custom backplate will do. Screws aren't problem, I used custom 4 inch long screws and brass wingnuts for my watercooling ;)
arunhalo said:
dude i have hyber coolmaster hyber tx hsf fan for sale instrested or not :D

Please STOP PIMPING your wares on other people's sale threads. :eek:hyeah:
You may bump your thread every 24 hrs for that. :cool2:
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