FS: TRU+Thermalright HR-05-Sli Chipset Cooler

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Using the Zebronic's CUBE cant use these any More..The HR-05SLI is bent a Bit but the base is flat just the fins are a bit bent.
Want to see more photos of "TRU" Please add 2 or 3 more photos of TRU with different sides. What is the exact model of "TRU" cooler? What is the new price of HR-05SLI?
^^^^what do u mean by exact model of TRU????? Just for your information this is not the extreme version, but the difference in temp. is hardly 1-3C between extreme and Thermalright Ultra. Amazing price for the combo. Wud have grabbed it if i had the cash.
I mean which model of Thermalright is exactly is from the following:

Thermalright Ultra-90A


Thermalright Ultra-120A


Thermalright Ultima-90i


Thermalright Ultra-120 eXtreme

Also, please tell me new price of HR-05SLI?

I am heavily interested in both the items.
RedBull said:
Doesnt matter yaarr....this is one brilliant deal IMHO since the new combo wud cost a good deal over 4k...

Price wise the deal is damm good:hap2: , I jst wanted to know since how long it has been used
farookh - Its ur's if the Combo deal with SunnyBoi or RAVE doesn't go thru will PM u by 2nite and let u knw..I will ship it to u ..check it out and only then will i charge u.

Will PM guys that have shown interest by 2nite.
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