[FS]Xbox 36o Aracade PAL JASPER

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Title says it all . I got this for my other room but i never used it . I have two more xbox's and i m geting rid of this one to get the new black beech .

The console is NOT modded and i do not know which DVD drive it is.

Purchase - August 2009 from Coolrocker [Dealer on IVG] . I think i have the bill , but it is not needed to claim warranty.

Reason For Sale - Been lying in the box . I already got the Elite model..

Condition - Brand New . It has been used for a very short time and everything is in brand new condition .

What you get -

1. Console

2. One wireless controller

3. Power brick

4. All paper junk

5. Forza 2 (box is cracked , disk is scratchless)

6. 2yrs of RROD warranty


10000 incl shipping via DTDC AIR NON NEGOTIABLE

Payment - Union Bank of india. No charge for cash deposits .


Faridkot , Punjab

Pics -

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done. but MS provides console replacement for 3 yrs as long as they are told that the console died of RROD .
nish_higher said:
done. but MS provides console replacement for 3 yrs as long as they are told that the console died of RROD .
Nish you are assuming that the people at Microsoft service center do not check the console for the defect present. What if the DVD drive conks off ? Well presumably there is no warranty then . Our saying that its an RROD wont help when the service staff boots up the console all hale & hearty and then they rubbish our claims of RROD. Trust me buddy these days its not as simple to get a product replaced without getting it checked first.
i own three MS consoles including one old one (1st batch room heater) and the DVD tray conked off twice . I have got it replaced twice even though official warranty ended in 2007. you may log on to IndianVideoGamer and start a new thread there regarding this , if you want to know how MS warranty works but in short , you call them , within 7 days a person from MS gives you new console and takes away the older one . they do check the seals and any signs of damage. AFAIK some ppl even got modded consoles replaced .

the info i provide is as good as it is and am ready to provide you full refund based on that.
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