FS: XFX Nvidia 6600 Vanilla PCI-E 256MB

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Selling this Card as I'm not using my PCI-E based rig for gaming anymore..
Bought the Card in Feb '07 from a TE member only ...
Works fine..

The card is almost 2 years old .. It's an 6600 Vanilla 256MB DDR1 PCI-E..
Warranty : Around 3 months left...The sticker of the Indian importer says 08/05.

Link :
XFX - Products GeForceâ„¢ 6600 : Models
PS : Will also trade for an AGP card ..
As I'm thinking of using my AGP based rig for gaming purposes .. I'm thinking of getting a good AGP card ...
Please may i have a pic of the actual card for sale?:)

And i am still confused why you say 3 months warranty left when most cards sold locally came with 3 yrs warranty- is it an RMA replacement?:S
More Details :

Model Number : PV-T43P-UAH6
Chipset: GeForce 6600
Memory: 256 MB
Bus Type: PCI-E
Memory Type: DDR
Memory Bus: 128-bit
Output: DVI
Highlighted Features: HDTV ready
Graphics Core: 256-bit
Memory Interface: 128-bit
Pixels per Clock (peak): 8
RAMDACs: 400 MHz
Fill Rate: 2.4 Billion Texels/Sec.
Vertices Per Second: 225 Million
Memory Bandwidth: 8.8 GB/sec.


XFX - Products GeForceâ„¢ 6600 : Models
Although it took a little long than expected due to some inevitable reason, but finally it reached to my place safely and is working fine. :D
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