FS: Motherboard G.Skill 2133mhz 4x2 DDR3 RAM *Price drop*

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Jul 1, 2020
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Due to personal reasons
1) i5 4670K SOLD
2) Asus Z97-K SOLD
3) MSI Z97 Gaming 3 SOLD
4) FX 6300 SOLD
5) MSI 970 Gaming SOLD
6) Gskill 2133mhz DDR3 4x2 Kit - 2500/-


All of the components were bought over a month of period from TechEnclave and Facebook, I have cleaned the boards and replaced thermal paste on chipset heatsinks wherever possible (have replaced VRM thermal pads of Asus motherboard only due to not having enough thermal pads).

I have tested all of the components with hours of stress tests to make sure they work properly.

Right most two memory slots of MSI Z97 Gaming 3 don't work and the upper clipping mechanism of left most two slots is broken but RAM fit and works just fine in them. I can send you a video of it if required.I do not have IO shield of it either.

Both of the CPUs were running at stock speeds with Hyper 212X's at 100% fan speed. I have delidded the i5 4670K due to very bad thermals even at stock (thus the scratches on IHS) and have attached the IHS partially to the PCB so it moves around if forced to, so keep that in mind while purchasing and installing the CPU.

I have boxes of all the motherboards and RAM except Asus Z97-K. I will pack it in another motherboard's box.

MSI 970 gaming has all the included accessories ( SLI Bridge, IO shield, Manual. I am keeping the SATA cables), MSI Z97 Gaming has Manual, stickers and screws it came (No IO shield) with and Asus Z97-K motherboard only has its IO shield available, nothing else.

I will pack everything in ample amount of bubble paper and send you images of the package before shipping it but I will not take any responsibility for any damage or problem caused by courier company. Shipping is at actual.

Due to re purposing the boot drives used in those systems, I can not send you any other screenshots from windows than CPU-s ones attached below but i can send images of bios info if wanted.


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Bump. FX 6300, MSI 970 gaming and 4x2 ram kit is back on sale. The member for whom it was hold onto isn't replaying.
Received z97 motherboard and i5 processor in good packing. Guy is an excellent seler, very patient with every query and doubt. Posting a positive feedback.
MSI 970 motherboard received as per listing. Fast shipped. Definitely like to deal in future
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