Galaxy Note White - Best Deal


sulekha only has black/blue Note, but I would prefer white one which is not available online, local dealer quated me 31k w/o carry case. please suggest from where can i get lowest possible deal on white note...
bumping this thread.. any good deals on NOTE? Its april!
has been discussed million times before . all u need to do is use something called GOOGLE and do a little search or search for similar threads here !!!!!


Apologies that I just bumped the thread.. Already googled, looked at other forums but u know TE is awesome right?

Oh and if you mean Rs. 30,690.00 is the best-est ever deal on note.. then i give up!
I have a galaxy note to sell

white color

a month old

pm me if anyone wants

absolutely pristine

price wud be around 26.8k

if interested then will create a <acronym title='For Sale'>FS</acronym> thread


I bought one today for Rs. 28791 using the eBay coupon. However, the eBay dealer had increased the prices by Rs.1300 from today morning. If i had bought it yesterday it would have been even cheaper.

Also just after i bought the Note from him he updated with a new listing which says that free Sennheiser headphones will be provided by Samsung directly. i am hoping i will be eligible for that as i will already be receiving the Note with the Premium suite as indicated by him and i am guessing the free headphones are a part of the same suite.