Gameboy Advance SP (SOLD)

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Up for sale is a yr old GBA SP.Its in pristine condition and was purchased from teh states.

The screen is scratchless :eek:hyeah:

I'll offer a 7-day warranty on it.

Price - 1.5k shipped..non negotiable

(new one costs 5k)

Free cartridge with the console - snes 68 in one

Reason for sale - Dont use it.

A 220-110V converter will be bundled.

NO BOX ..Only a chager , a backpack shaped bag to hold DS and cartridges and a converter

Payment - Union Bank Of India

Pics on imageshack -



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hellgate said:
hey i dont hav any idea bout this handheld but does it play those *ahem* games?

you'd need that card.
But *ahem* cartridges are really cheap so you can buy them and play.

@bikey - ok :)

Right now on hold for someone here.


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hold it for me pls.

some questions :

1) battery last for how long ?
2) how is the backlit on this ?
3) since games wouldnt be bundled, how can one acquire them ? from where ? and how much do the original ones cost ?
4) does this play *ahem* games? u said, some card would be needed, would u shed some light on that....?
5) are the keys functioning fine ? as they should ? or have they developed a *play* because of the usage on the set ?


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I have never played much.its been lying in my cupboard as i got a nintendo ds.
So keys and battery in pretty good shape,so is the backlight.

You can get games from any grey market.i got few for 125 each in palika delhi.

Don't know about original gba cartridges.

You can get a 1gb flash cartridge and play those costs about 20$ i think.but not sure.


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nish uncle- you didn't inform me it's back on sale. :p

I thought it's gone to whoever it was on hold for. :)
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