Monitors Gaming monitor for 10k ?

Glossy: Dell S2240L
Matte: LG 22 MP55HQ

These are the best monitors in your budget
Yes it is. I already using it.
Its amazing worth for every buck. me too looking for another one But someone told me that DELL won't honor warranty service for those who bought from e-commerce site is it true?
What will you be using your monitor for, and what are you looking for in your monitor?
When you ask for the best monitors, most people will recommend an IPS panel. However if you're particular about good response times, then I assume its for gaming, which limits your search to TN panels.
Like Crazy-Eddy suggested most gaming monitors come with a good response time i.e. 1ms GTG (Grey to Grey) which is again expensive 12k+ but if your going to use it for other casual uses you might as well try the other monitors from DELL/ACER which is cheaper but comes with an average response time which you would hardly notice.