OC & Modding Gaming PC Side Panel Replacement Jugaad


Hey All How are you!
DIY after a long time. I mean I DIY mostly but posting in this forum after a very long time.

I read in forum somewhere, somebody broke Side Panel Tempered Glass of Their gaming PC. Same thing happened and I broke my sons PC panel recently.
It was a small thud on floor tile and it went Boom into pieces.

I called cabinet manufacturer and got a quote for 2600. plus shipping which is crazy on a cabinet that I got for cheap on amazon.

ALso i used simple home glass (good thickness). instead of tempered one. Some one will argue about heat.
1. You PC cooling system must be optimized.
2. I am sure you wont pour water on the hot glass. :)

Also I started a youtube channel in January to channelize my energy, now that I am alone coz family moved to foreign land. Thats a different story.
Please do watch here.

Gaming PC SIde Panel Replacement

Also, you could've gone with a plexiglass, can get it cut at any furniture shop plus it would have let you add an extra intake if you choose to make holes for mounting a fan and slots for air intake. The plexiglass lets you work very easily unlike glass and is safer too.

The extra intake would have provided cool air to the GPU and you could have seen some improvements in the temperatures.