Gaming Rig Components - GPU / HDD (Monitor also very soon)

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For Sale is my previous GPU and HDD

GPU : Palit GTX 275 with 896MB DDR3 RAM

Bought : Around a year back

From : Prime ABGB

Bill : available

Box : available

Under Warranty : Yes

Accessories : All which came with box available as seen in pic

Reason for sale : Upgraded to Zotac GTX 480 Amp

Cost of new : ebay India says 18K : eBay India: Palit Nvidia GTX 275 869 DDR3 SLI Video Graphic Card (item 150485184632 end time 02-Sep-2010 17:13:36 IST)
But I know its available for around 14k at most dealers.

Asking Price : Rs.9000/- local pickup in Mumbai. Else Shipping extra on actuals.

Condition : Perfect Working Condition, never OCed, never had a problem.

HDD : WD Green Caviar 1TB - SOLD

Bought : More than a year back

From : ebay India

Bill : available

Under Warranty : Yes

Accesories : Sata Cable

Reason for Sale : Upgraded to Barracuda XT 2TB Sata3

Cost of new : 3.3K for the 64MB cache one on ebay India, but this is 32MB cache and available for around 3K new(Though honestly I have never noticed any difference between 32 or 64 MB Cache)

Asking Price : Rs.2000 local pickup in Mumbai, else shipping on actuals

Condition : Perfect working condition. Never OCed, never had any problem.

Here are the pics : ImageShack Album - 3 images

Soon to come up for sale : My 23" LG M237WA Monitor TV, once my new 120 Hz Alienware is delivered alongwith nVidia 3D kit this weekend. Will open new thread for that later.


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Since swastikrj PMd first, and hes from Mumbai, on hold for him till tomorrow morning when he confirms pickup.

@ Klick, @ Kushalvyas - please stand by.
ani_meher also in queue since he is also from Mumbai.

Would prefer Mumbai buyer to avoid shipping hassles.

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All PMs replied. Guys, no more PMs for HDD please. There is already a long queue. Seems to be a virtual stampede to get the HDD.
As m-jeri PMd, I probably under-priced it, but will stick to the price :)

GPU also available.

And already few people have PMd for monitor as well.(Guys, please wait for the pics and further details)
Dont buy something you havnt even seen. Will have separate thread for that with pics oncer my new one comes and is tested.
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