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Nov 4, 2020
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Hi ,
Selling my Garmin Instinct 1
Rs 11000 plus 200 shipping. ( Not negotiable). Kindly message if only okay with the price.

Condition - the watch is about 2 year old( don't have exact date.) For almost over 5-6 months it was just lying around and used again.( only selling as upgrading)

The watch functions perfectly. The buttons and all are responsive. Has screen guard applied on the watch front.

Battery life - Firstly the original battery life claimed by Garmin itself is bit off( confirmed by DC Rainmaker YouTube) so kindly don't compare with original claim but here is what I can say about my watch - 3 hrs if using gps,
For smartphone and normal usage ( without gps) 4 days.

Please note - this is minimum of battery life I can guarantee . I am actually keeping expectations purposely low here but I have also gone almost 5-7 days on normal usage ( no gps).
Even for only gps usage I have gone even 4 hrs.

hard to give exact battery life but can say it might perform better than what I am saying but not less for sure.

I am ready to give 4 days of testing warranty too. ( Conditions apply please read below)

If any one has any doubts and want to clear . You can contact.

1)Will be shipped as per my convenience and courier but will consider buyers suggestions.

2) shipping is complete buyers risk. Will not take any responsibility. can share packaging details with the buyer. For insured shipping if buyer needs . He needs to pay.

3).testing warranty starts from the day delivered and after 4 days consider it concluded and request mods to close it. even if buyer did not got time to test it or not. ( I have given testing warranty once for a watch here and got feedback after a month) so please consider this also.

4) return only in case due to not meeting my description ( no other reason will be accepted). . Buyer must pay for return and only if I get the stuff in as good and working condition as I sold it . I will refund.

It might be possible that The watch remains unsold due to some conditions here but I prefer to be honest and clear about my deals.

Kindly keep this thread clean. All details have been mentioned.


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