Get upto 39 months of XBOX Gamepass Ultimate for Rs. 7,478 only (Rs.206/month + Rs.50)

Coming to Xbox Game Pass /PC over the next 12 months

Coming to Xbox Game Pass /PC over the next 12 months
Yes, saw it live. Seems like whoever looted the game pass for 3 years for near about 2300 last year is in for a treat. I've bought it too but rarely used in the past year. Hope so I'll use it more this year.
Right now about to finish Sniper Elite 5 with a friend. That'll be the first game I played on that subscription fully :p
Could you update that link?
Not working for me.

Game Pass Ultimate Gold Conversion Guide

Steps (3 Years for ~₹4.5/5K)

  1. Go to Xbox Digital Gift Card store page and buy the ₹3,399 and ₹1,699 gift cards.
  2. Go to the Microsoft Code Redemption page, enter the Xbox Digital Gift Card code and redeem them to add the amount to your account.
  3. Go to Xbox Live Gold store page.
    • Click the gift icon, it would give option to buy 6 months for ₹749
    • Enter the email address you want to send the code to, you can use the same email as your Xbox account.
  4. Go to the Microsoft Code Redemption page, enter the Xbox Live Gold code.
    • Confirm the length of Live Gold subscription on Services page.
  5. Repeat step 3 & 4 for as long as you want the subscription, you can stack the Xbox Live Gold code 6 times max for a total of 36 months.
  6. Go to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate page or click the Upgrade to Game Pass Ultimatelink on the Services page.
    • Subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate 1 month for ₹499 (₹50 if there's an eligible offer).
    • Confirm the length of Game Pass Ultimate subscription on the Services page.
  7. On the Services page, click on the Manage link and turn off Recurring Billing for the subscription.
Enjoy your Game Pass Ultimate (3 Years for ~₹125/Month).

Important Notes

  • This only works if you don't have an active Game Pass Ultimate subscription.
  • Step 1 & 2 are Optional, but they will save the GST amount on Gold and Ultimate subscription.
  • You can only stack up to 36 months max.
  • Cards (Debit/Credit) need to support International Transactions and PINless payments.
  • Check the list of supported cards here [WIP]. If you're still unable to add a card to your account, or make any transactions, reach out to Xbox Support.
  • If card is declined after few transactions, use a different card or wait few days. Since these are international transactions, your bank might temporarily lock the card to avoid misuse.
  • Sometimes you would get an error on redeeming the 6th code saying you can't exceed 36 months, just wait for a few days till the total after redeeming the 6th code is under 36 months total.