FS: Desktops Gigabyte Brix GB-BLPD-5005 Ultra Compact PC Kit with 2 x 4 GB ADATA 2400 DDR4 RAM


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You can buy any of the wireless media remotes with USB dongles from Amazon. I was using this though.


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Sold to @hotshot05
Payment received. Courier has picked up the item as well.
Sorry for the delayed update.
The box was well packed. Everything is running fine till now.

P.S - I am facing some issue logging in into the web version of TE (as I am unable to reset my password). I am browsing via Tapatalk. Once I get access to the web version, I will give the iTrader rating. If there is a way to do it via Tapatalk, please let me know. I dropped a PM to @Rockfella with my issue.