Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2 + AMD Sempron LE 1100 (45W TDP)

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For sale is Gigabyte GA-MA74GM-S2 Rev.1 Mobo (support's CPUS right from Sempron (AM2) to Phenom 2 Quad cores (AM3) Bios also already flashed to latest one and CPU AMD Sempron LE 1100 (Energy efficent 45 W TDP), The mobo & Cpu as combo provide excellent power consumption results compareble to Intel Atom but has the added advantage of Upgarde to the latest & fastest CPUS from AMD,

Both used very sparely and are in Mint condition,Bought them for a downloading rig for torrent downloads, But now a days i rarely get time for downloading, as i they were lying idle for past few months i decided for a selloff.

Both items carry more then two years of warranty complete with box packing, Bill & all the stuff like sata,pata, floppy cables,

Please no lowballing or Crapping thread,Any issues please communicate via PM.
OK astrono_me Clinches the deal, as he is the one who confirmed & made the payment First.

Shipment follows tommorrow, will close the thread after he receives the stuff.
congrats astrono_me, and tosh79 , even after the PM's back and forth I wasn't looking out for this outcome, no issues :) no hard feelings and i'm glad u got a quick deal.
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