Graphic Cards Gigabyte HD 7950 not working... need help!


Hey guys,

My Gigabyte HD 7950 (purchased in April 2012, and hence now out of warranty) has stopped working. Basically, no display to the monitor. Checked a friend's Sapphire HD 7950 on my system which worked fine. Also tried the Gigabyte on a working computer and it did not work. So I have narrowed the problem to the non-functioning graphic card.

Called Gigabyte service center (Accel, Saki Naka, Mumbai) who said that they dont handle out of warranty products.

Any advice or tips on how to go about getting the card fixed ? I stay in Bandra and work in Kalina, so anyplace near these locations would be more helpful!

Thanks for your help!


Yes he does. You will have to send Card to him for inspection, after he was inspects and checks he will be able to offer solution