CPU/Mobo Gigabyte Motherboard RMA Sucks


I brought a Gigabyte G31 MOBO some time in january.

Suddenly one day the sound stopped. It detects the sound card but no audio output. Reformatted the HDD, loaded windows and linux, but the problem was still the same.

Then I gave the MOBO to gigabyte service centre in Andheri (east) on 11th July 2011. I received the MOBO back in the 1st week of august 2011. On connecting all the peripherals and everything I found it had no display.

Did all the testing but all failed on the same setup ausu P5kpl worked fine and this one had no display. Spoke to gigabyte service centre of andheri east, they told me to go to the centre at mumbai central.

Finally I got it repaired from mumbai central, just to find out that this time the board rebooted in loop immediately after POST screen.

Again I spoke to the gigabyte service centre and re-submitted the board. and Till now there is no news. on going to the andheri east service center for enquiry the madam over there talks very arogantly. as if they are doing a favor to us.

I am fedup following up with them.

Also in many other cases in past 5 months most of the gigabyte mobo's that i have given for replacement have taken up more then 15-20 days average.

Since past 2 months I have completely stopped purchasing of gigabyte products.