Give-away Thread I

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D-Link 56K External Modem (For dial up) - Free

I have the drivers for win 98 and XP for this.

Acorp 56K Internal Dial Up Modem - Free

2 x 4Pin to 4Pin S-Video cables - Free

2 x Mice (1 Optical PS2, 1 Ball PS2) - Free

CD-ROM cleaner with fluid (Not - Opened) - Free

Odyssey 450 W PSU - Free

I opened it to see what a PSU looks like from inside so have also added another pic showing from where i opened.

Won't be able to ship till Feb 16/17. But if you need it and live nearby, I can give you my address and you can go pick up any of these from my place.​
spawnfreak said:
i'll be at chandigarh this saturday... will pick it up from you... (if you keep it on hold n wait so long)

yea man no problems, its urs now. pick it up whenever u want
i am in wait for your hdd`s but please tell me the price firstly because if i like your bid then i can withdraw from the other bid of 250gb
ok 2000 shipped please dont refuse and it is last, i am informing here bacause i am unable to post more messages if you can contact then we will chat on gmail my gmail id is "".
all for free, take whatever u want

Thank you all for your interest. As I mentioned earlier, im giving everything listed here for free.
I currently am very busy with assignments and school work, but I will get back to you guys within 2-3 days max, and tell my brother to ship the stuff to your places. He will also take care of the bank formalities as I am in Canada and will not be returning until Feb. Also, I can't be too sure if I still have everything I listed here lying at my place, but I will get back to you letting you know if the item you expressed interest in is available for shipping.
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