[Giveaway] AKDesigned Open Air X giveaway


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Edit :- Extended the dates and modified the requirements to enter the giveaway.

After getting so much positive response and appreciation from techenclave members on my first custom designed open air case, I am hereby organizing this Holi giveaway (belated), check below the rules and how to enter in this giveaway to stand a chance to win 1 Open Air X computer case. No purchase necessary.
  • You may visit below linked video to check out the review of the case.
You may check out the build log thread link here https://techenclave.com/threads/open-air-x-case-designed-developed-and-made-in-india-by-me.196673/

Below are the rules of the giveaway that you must follow.
  1. To participate the entrant must comment in the thread about why you want to win this case and must include hash tag "#OpenAirX" at the very beginning of the comment, this comment will give you a serial number (1 entry) to enter in the giveaway, that serial number will be your number in the giveaway random draw list.
  2. Extra 5 entries will be given ff entrant have a 240 or 280 or 360mm radiator ( be it AIO or custom ), and need to post a clear photo of system/cooler itself with username and date on piece of paper in the same comment mentioned above. (You may put pic under spoiler tag to keep thread easy to scroll)
  3. By participating in the giveaway you agree that you are an Indian of above 18 years of age currently residing in India.
  4. Only participation from 1 account per person is allowed, anyone using more than 1 account to participate will be disqualified.
  5. The giveaway prize include only 1 unit of the case "Open Air X" for the winner, no cash or other alternative will be given in exchange of the prize.
  6. The list of entrants with their respective number will be posted in main thread via comment and on 24 April 9pm on official facebook/twitter account of AKDesigned.in, you may follow those accounts for info.
  7. The winner will be selected via random draw using random number generator from this link https://www.random.org/integers/ , 10,000 random numbers will be generated and the last generated number will be the winning number (number located at bottom right corner of list). The random number generation will be done live on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwsLpS2AfygyZLSXgiZWGnA at 9pm 25 April 2021.
  8. Giveaway will only happen when participants count is atleast 10 otherwise giveaway will be cancelled. The giveaway is limited to 100 participants only. The entry starts as soon as this thread goes live. Last date for commenting to enter in the giveaway is 18 April 2021 11:59PM, any comment posted after the said time will not be considered for entry. Truegenius's (my) computer will be used for the timekeeping.
  9. The winner will be contacted for shipping address details by Truegenius (me) on techenclave via PM within an hour of the draw. The winner must respond to the message withing 48 hours after which he/she will be treated as disqualified and another draw will be done and a new winner will be selected from the same list and so on until a winner gets the prize.
  10. Truegenius (I) will ship the prize to the winner using any courier i prefer, no responsibility will be taken for the loss or damage of the prize as a result of shipping.
  11. Truegenius's (my) decision will be final regarding the giveaway. I reserve the right to cancel the giveaway at any time without giving any reason or prior notification. This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by facebook, twitter or techenclave.
Example comment.

I want to win this case because i want Open air case.
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Yea, many thanks for the giveaway. I am sure it would be a great gift to someone who needs a case right now :)
Thanks for the initiative!


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these cases need a dust free environment which is very less in India :(
I have tested it for dust accumulation in moderately dusty environment. From that i can tell that if you use air cooling with fan at auto or max speed then you will definitely need cleaning every month.
But if you use watercooling or if your air cooling heatsink is beefy then you can get away with low fan rpm and even fan off most of the time, in which case you will not need to clean them for probably like 6 months assuming 6-8 hours runtime daily with 2-3hrs gaming (that's my typical usage )


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#OpenAirX, I want to win this case because it looks and craftsmanship is commendable. It's a home-grown Modder and will surely make jaws drop.