FS: Headphone Giveaway - Dead Headphones by Philips

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Cosmetically, the headphone is in good condition.

Headphone had good sound quality but got little uncomfortable after some time. It stopped working when the stereo jack touched flooring. I believe static charge must have killed a resistor (pardon me, I do not understand electronics, and so I might be wrong) inside. I believe the headphone is redeemable and should require only small amount of repairs. Otherwise good contender for DIY projects.

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Can I get this? How much would be cheapest shipping to Bangalore or my brother's place in Hyderabad.

Reserve these for me and let me know the shipping and I can transfer the money.
I used this headphone for the past 5 years. The sound quality is awesome for the price i procured. Now also, it is still in perfectly working condition and being used by my parents.
Not open for further replies.