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any one looking for ipod touch 4G screen guard? I've got a few screen guard for ipod touch 4G lying around.



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@DigitalDude do you still have that medal of honor key?i don't know why i am interested in having it,but if you could give it to me,i would be very grateful.i don't even enjoy playing games anymore,but still for some reason i want to have it.:)


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My old lcd monitor vx2025wm literally rusted due to non usage. Managed to salvage the three PCB's on it. If anyone has this monitor and wants the spare parts let me know.

Also have a ide cable that glows in dark.

Shipping at your expense.


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I have 2 dual sim phones to giveaway. a nokia c2 03 and a micromax q2/q5 (too old, i dont remember).

both out of warranty, but still functional. im in mumbai. can do pickup only.


I have a friend's partially-working Artis 2.1 system for giveaway. Model number is S500 - please Google for any info or reviews.

Friend had left the system in his apartment when he had resigned from work so we picked it up. He had no clue about its working condition so when we powered it up, we figured out that there is no output from one of the satellites. Upon opening the subwoofer that houses the motherboard, one of the audio ICs was found to be blown up along with a couple of resistors (I shall open up the sub and post the images/details later). I can however, confirm that there is sound output from the other satellite speaker. The blue-backlit Artis logo on the sub is also damaged. The entire unit is slightly heavy so bear that in mind when paying for the shipping charges.

1. 1 power-amp (TD2030A), 1 polyester capacitor (2A104J), 1 resistor (2.2 ohms, 0.25 W) and 1 resistor (1 ohm, 0.5 W) have been toast. The values of the toast resistors were deduced based on the symmetry of the other resistors around the vicinity of the other 2 power-amps. Please refer the attached snaps for the details. These components can be sourced locally from your neighborhood electronics components shop and can be soldered by yourself or any shop that does these kind of repairs. Will cost you a couple of hundred Rs. more for the repairs. I could have done it myself if I had the time but unfortunately I don't.

2. Cleaned the satellites and sub yesterday. Confirmed that only one channel from the sub's output terminal works; the other one doesn't because of the damaged components mentioned in sr. no. 1 above. Both the satellites work without issues. All the drivers are in good shape. Screws at the back of the sub are rusted because friend stayed at an apartment very close to the Tapti river.

3. I do not have the original box for the system. So shipping might be hard. They are currently packed inside a polythene cover as indicated in the snap.

4. Shipping might kill the deal as it may be expensive but I leave it to the buyer.

5. System was manufactured during 2006 and used until 2012 end. Lying idle for over an year now.