GO: Logitech MX- 518

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I have opened this go for Logitech mx-518 gaming mouse, anyone interested can pm me their name and address and telephone no.
im planning to get one. but can you tell me when exactly this GO will take place? i wont be able to wait too long so i might get one myself.
^^^just gimme your shipping details, i will give you my bank acc. details and courier the mouse to you.
1. What are shipping charges in case I order 2? :) (a friend wants one too)

2. Bill included? ( in case warranty issues or something ) ...
So shipping still 100 per piece no matter how many pieces, right? :) Thx for the info. Will tell my friend n get back to you :D
GT- i am in for '1x' MX518. :)
Will confirm in a day max to max- need to check piggy bank. :ashamed:

Waited too long but always broke buying junk :(- Gotta grab it now at this 'steal of a deal' price even if i have to borrow some more moolah- i think this is vaporware soon. :ashamed:
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