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Hey Guys,

Well recently my friends uncle was having a hard time with
his business and eventually he closed it :mad:

So my friend picked up all the wireless routers & other stuff from his
office which i'm putting up on sale. All routers have been tested by me
and were being used untill last week.

Netgear WGR614 V5 >> Rs. 1100
Netgear WGR614 V5 >> Rs. 1100[With OG Adapter but is 110V Will provide a new step down converter for the same]
Dlink DI-524 > 1000

Will try to avoid shipping as much as i can and locals will be given preference at any given point.
Also i have not yet got power adapter for 4 Routers from the above list from my friend,
He has asked his uncle to look around but i'm afraid that the dealer who bought all his
computer hardware stuff might have taken away the same.
If i do not get the same, i will buy a new compatible power adapter for the same. Individual pictures will be uploaded on request. I'll be providing a 4 days Personal warranty

LowBallers take the PM route and thread crapping clowns make your own thread for your amusement.
Q1. Which of these don't have the power adapters? (Will you be providing them inclusive of the price mentioned above?)

Q2) How old are these? Are any of them still under manufacturer warranty?
All Linksys one and one of the D-Link one does not have Power adapter.
And yes if my friend is not able to get the Adapters the price mentioned above is included of new adapters
I do not know how old are they, and i think the Linksys WRT54G V6 is under warranty but no bill available. So the bottom line no manufactures warranty on any of the above........
When u say compatible adapter, do u mean OEM or locally sourced??
I have to run the router 24/7 hence asking...
It's usually a locally sourced one, but all said and done, they are more robust than the ones you would get from Cisco. The Cisco power adapters are very sensitive and generally go kaput in less than a few hours if you live in an area with an unstable electric supply which is usually the case for most of us. I've had to change these atleast 3 times after which I decided to go in for a locally made adapter. 2 years and still not a peep out of it.
All PM's replied......
The router which does not have power adapter, i'll be providing a
local one which is compatible with router and the price mentioned above includes the same......
Any queries are welcome..........
which one of this will be best for MTNL triband NU line ??

i would pay u asap... if u can help me buy the rite one !

it should support bridge mode etc and dont have any known problems.
Dinesh_Malhotra said:
which one of this will be best for MTNL triband NU line ??

i would pay u asap... if u can help me buy the rite one !

it should support bridge mode etc and dont have any known problems.

Well all the routers mentioned above supports PPPoE and as i have not used MTNL triband with bridge mode on a WI-fi router i cannot say what problems one will face, but it should work without any problem, as per my experience........
=CrAzYG33K= said:
^ Dude, I'm really interested in one of those Linksyses/Netgears..
I'll bear the shipping. What's stopping you?? :S
As mentioned in the first Post do not want to go through the
entire shipping hassle, if no one buys it locally, will Outstation People who
have shown interest in buying the routers on PM priority basis..........

Again will prefer local at any given point.............
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