God of War Collections - Blu Ray Disc (PS3)

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I would had taken it but ur price is too high , when its available for 1800-2000 at Play-Asia , and in India it will cost 2200 from most distributors like Prashant once it arrives.
Not exactly thread crapping Sushant but I think Joy has a point. I wanted to bite a deal on this and a random price search on Google gave me 36USD for the title (Newegg). I bet KMD should be giving a cheaper price on this! Reduce the price and I can guarantee you a buyer on my behalf. ;)
Actually I paid close to ~43$ each (bought from Circuit City and I had to pay taxes as well).

Lets make it 2400 bucks then. You guys will get this positively by December 1st.

Play-asia has it for 2200 and count that months time and uncertainty as well. And at least appreciate the effort for the GOW fans. :p
Opening the thread again to see if someone else is also interested. Can get two more copies. PM me fast guys.

You won't get these discs any cheaper anywhere else.

The discs will reach me next monday. (15th)
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