Good Time to Sell Your Nexus 4???


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Hello Guys,

I am the owner of the much coveted nexus 4. As all of you guys may know, this phone has been much in demand, but due to LGs shortage of stock it is not freely available.

Now, I am hearing rumors about the Nexus 5, so soon after the release of the Nexus 4.

My opinion is that LG is on purpose not selling/manufacturing any new stock of the Nexus 4. Instead, they will directly release the Nexus 5.

As soon as this happens, the price of Nexus 4 will plummet. Therefore, there is doubt in my mind about whether or not I should sell my phone.

What are your thoughts?


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- If you want a good price for your investment, yes, sell it now. You'll definitely get more than what you invested (assuming you bought from play store)
- If you don't mind going to back to other phones such as S3, Note, Note 2, iPhone, sell it now
- If you want to continue using awesomeness and don't mind taking a hit on the price, keep it

In the end, it's you who has to make a choice. The phone definitely depreciate after a while; all phones do.


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If you bought at the Play Store price then even after the launch of the Nexus 5 (aka the next Nexus), the N4 will still be in great demand.

Its a good phone and you investment will more than pay off, If you sell now you will have to invest in another top tier smartphone which would in turn ruin your margin.

I suggest you keep or if you must part with it .. I will gladly take it at MRP :D


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Well you should keep it. Its an awesome phone. Even if Nexus 5 comes out, N4 will still be good in terms of h/w and s/w. Just enjoy it without thinking too much