Budget 0-20k GPU buying advice


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I use a Ryzen 3 3200G with 16GB of 3000MHz RAM. The iGPU is quite good but I now need a dedicated GPU. I was confused between the RX 560 4GB and RX 570 4 GB because these are the only ones in my budget. I want to play at 1080p with high FPS(more than 40, which I currently get). I play games like Rocket League, AC and GTAV. Please advice.


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What suggestion even is that? His budget is only around 8-13K since he said he's confused between the rx 560 and the rx 570 and you're suggesting him to buy a 20K gpu?

@HereComesArya I would suggest to look into a 1650 super if you're going to buy new/ don't intend to buy second hand. The best would be one from zotac since their 5 year warranty is extremely good and the only brand i think that gives this many years. Plus if you resell it in the future you will fetch a higher price compared to out of warranty cards.

If the second hand market was good i would have suggested you to buy an rx 570 4GB for around 7-8K. But there's hardly anyone selling any atm. You could try your luck in the WTB section of the forum but don't expect quick deals.



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Used 1060 or 1070 will be better - see if you get 1070 or 1070 Gaming - it will fit in your budget and will provide you decent frame rates.


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RX 580 is a good choice, I got my new MSI Armour RX OC 580 8 GB for 14500 locally in August. Works well at 1080p :)
You can also look for RX 5500 or GF 1660 as previously suggested under 20K.

If your budget it less thn 12k, I definitely recommends used RX570 or RX580.