Happy Birthday Eddy!


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Thanks everyone for all the wishes! I had an awesome weekend! :hap2:

Sorry for the delay in replying, I was doing my own study on poor broadband penetration in India :lol: (in other words, I was having a hard time getting my Airtel connection shifted :p)

Renegade said:
Many many happy returns of the day for Crazy Edlee. :eek:hyeah:

I am sure the Chennai guys must have taken you for a night out today. :cool2:

Thanks! No night out, I was peacefully sleeping :eek:hyeah:

Rave said:
Happy budday yedday!!!

where's the party with all the chics eh? :p :p

The only chick(en)s were the ones being cooked for lunch/dinner :p

vishalrao said:
heyyyy many happy returns of the day. mine is today too btw (don't have it displayed tho) so lets have a drink on behalf of each other :D

Wow! Cheers and many happy returns to you too! :D

TheMask said:
No I dont dream of being mauled by Pandas :p

Arun.P said:
happy birthday nirmal and enjoy party time with new chick :p

err u never invtie me for party time :|

Thanks! There was no party :p You will definitely be invited if there is one ;)

You deserve the best of all the good things out there and shall achieve it all. :hap2:

Thanks! Yes yes, I do.. say, when are you sending me that Athlon FX chip :lol:

hmasalia said:
Happy Birthday Buddy

Looks like we both share the same birthday date :)

Cool! Many Happy Returns to you too! :D

Don't be shy to put up your birth date, you can always lie about how old you are if you're worried about that :p