FS: Storage Hardware Hard Disk : WD 2TB GREEN 64MB SATA-3 (2.25 Years Warranty)

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For Sale !

  • Expected Price: Rs. 6300-/-(shipped)

  • Time of Purchase: Exactly 1 year ago 17-June-2011

  • Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes | 2 Years 3 Months

  • Reason for Sale: Torrents banned :no:

  • Purchase Invoice Available: WD warranty is based on serial number.

  • Product Condition: Brand New, Seal Packed.

  • Accessories Included: Original box and ESD cover.

  • Product Location: Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

  • Preferred Courier: Speed-Post and others on request.

  • Shipping Charges: Free

  • Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer
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Will get a local pickup done(actually messaged u on other forum as well :p ) If u can tell me is the hdd recieved from Rma ?
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