Has Anyone bought anything via JustDial ? Please share experiences


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Around one year back Justdial has started selling Electronics and numerous other items on it's website by aggregating local sellers.
They claim that you get original invoice with manufacturer warranty. Price for some items are good and sometimes it is easier to claim warranty/special offer if we have invoice from a B&M shop.

I wanted to know if someone has actually bought anything via JustDial. Please share your experience.


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I picked up a feature-phone off JustDial couple of months back. Was hand delivered by a local store and came in just a few hours. Getting stuff delivered by B&M stores and in a few hours was a huge USP for me. Unfortunately that was my first and last good experience.

I've since tried ordering 3 items and all were cancelled saying item unavailable. Another time, a friend asked for a monitor recommendation, so I passed a Justdial link with a really good price. Once again - cancelled.
The real reason is that some of the prices they list at are far below what their dealers are selling at, some are lower than even Amazon/Flipkart prices.
The order history panel is somewhat buried, but when you find it, it will list the dealer that has been assigned your order. Shortly after my last order was cancelled, I got a bit suspicious so I called up the assigned dealer and turns out he did have it in stock - however he was charging MRP. Called up JD customer care and they promised to escalate the issue, but never heard back.


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^ Marketing tactics to get new customers. They can get additional funding if they show new customers have made accounts on their site.


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Ok, my friend finally decided to order a TV via just dial since price was good and buying from B&M store entitled additional 2 year warranty.
Few hour After placing the order, a call came from the vendor who was extremely rude and sounded un interested in selling. So my friend said he will confirm next day. The vendor hung up and cancelled the order.
Next day call came from JD asking the reason for cancellation, my friend told them the story. JD said we will arrange same deal from another dealer. He agreed. After two hours JD again called and told that they are unable to get same deal from any other vendor and they can talk to earlier vendor to sort out any issues. He told JD his queries and JD promised to revert back but they didn't. Finally TV was purchased from neighborhood shop.
So JD did try from their side to complete the deal but probably they were unable to get the price. They increased price for TV after this episode.
In total it was a neutral experience. Will give them another chance if needed.