Has your RTX 2080 Ti Died? - Reports of GPU deaths mount


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Has your RTX 2080 Ti Died? - Reports of GPU deaths mount


To say that the RTX 2080 Ti has us concerned is an understatement, with the graphics card having over a month of stock issues at retailers while reports of artefacts and crashes continue to rise on the Nvidia Geforce Forums.

One user has reported that they have had two of three RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards die over a 2-3 week period, with the dead cards presenting artefacts at stock settings while another claimed that his graphics card presented issues after "about 9 hours" of gaming.

While reports of dying graphics cards aren't new, it is strange to see this number of complaints over such a short period, especially after considering the fact that these graphics cards are not even using their advanced RTX features like Ray Tracing and AI/Tensor technologies. These mounting issues compound existing reports that Nvidia's large RTX 2080 Ti silicon is experiencing yield issues, with some users on the Nvidia forum claiming that Nvidia has failed to fully QA their RTX series graphics cards. Will there be another wave or RTX GPU failures after Ray Tracing and DLSS is added to games?

After a quick search on the Nvidia Forums, we found several cases where RTX 2080 Ti users RMA's their graphics cards to only have their replacements fail shortly afterwards, suggesting that Nvidia's large-die RTX 2080 Ti silicon is facing a severe reliability problem. That being said, PC gamers with failed RTX 2080 Ti series graphics cards are likely to be more vocal about their issues than the average consumer, given the colossal price tag of Nvidia's RTX series and its status as a flagship product. Who wouldn't complain after their £1000+ product broke after less than a week of use?

This situation is something that will need to be monitored over the coming weeks, though to say the least this is not the RTX future that Nvidia envisioned. Many of these early reports focus on Nvidia's Founders Edition graphics cards, though there are also reports of AIB cards exhibiting the same behaviour.


To anyone who has experienced RTX 2080 Ti artefacting or failure, out advice is to immediately contact your graphics card's manufacturer or the retailer where you purchased your GPU. They should be able to issue you a replacement graphics card when they are available.

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