Hd 4670 512 GDDR3

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Sapphire HD4670 512mb GDDR3

* Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Sapphire HD4670 512mb GDDR3

* Time of Purchase: 31-March-2009 (RMA'ed May 2011) :D

* Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Till 31-march-2012 :eek:hyeah:

* Reason for Sale: Got a HD6850 :D

* Purchase Invoice Available: YES , both OG bill and RMA bill.

* Product Condition: Brand New, just got RMA'ed

* Product Location: Noida(NCR)

* Preferred Courier: Local buys preferred

* Payment Options: Cash, Bank transfer.

Expected Price : 2700/-

The card is perfect.

Have the original box, but dont have the DVI to VGA dongle that comes with it.

The card only has DVI ports, so make sure you have the dongle or DVI cable before you buy.

Try not to crap the thread, take the PM route. :)

Here are the pics.




Also have an old coolermaster Fan 120mm non-led lying around.

this is the fan that i pre installed in a CM690 case.

And also have Sony earphones(not in ear) that are bundled with sony mp3 player.

Selling them together for a fixed price of Rs.400.

Pics: http://i54.tinypic.com/3304gma.jpg

Thanks for looking
I dont have any idea mate, but the exact same model is available at lynx-india at Rs.3699(that does not include shipping and vat i think)
cute.bandar said:
I bought a MSI 4670 1gb Gddr3 for 3200 from nehru place few weeks back. BUT it only came with 1 year warranty
What was the name of Vendor? AFAIK MSI provide 2 years warranty
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