Hello all


Hi everyone, long time lurker here. I believe I had an account when I was a teenager, but I might be confusing TE with another website. Anyway, even if I did it was likely registered to an email address that I lost long ago.

I'm a full-stack developer and all-around geek. I grew up in Delhi and might be moving to Bangalore soon. My interests include:
- Gaming - I like shooters and strategy games mostly. Love old city-builders, 4X and grand strategy games, and turn-based tactical games. I'm currently playing Wasteland 3 solo and Stellaris with a friend in the US.
- Servers/linux - I worked as a sysadmin for a university for a while, since then have run all sorts of stuff on old tech cobbled into servers at home. Currently I have a media stack with Plex & Jellyfin and associated stuff like sonarr etc., plus a password manager, and all sorts of other stuff I spin up when I'm bored. Recently I moved everything to Kubernetes and then back, and have been playing with a mail server. I also run Linux as my work desktop and enjoy tinkering with it, usually ending up wasting time attempting to make myself more productive.
- Formula 1 - I used to watch F1 as a kid and have been getting back into it lately. Still not fully up to date, but watched a few races last season.

Add me on Steam (razr795vb) if you're interested in playing multiplayer games. Hopefully I can contribute to the board, looking forward to engaging with all of you.
Forgot to add, if I do end up moving to Bangalore I'm hoping y'all will help take some of my accumulated tech off my hands.