Hello everyone


Hello everyone, so I joined this forum when I found a awesome deal and grabbed it asap. Since then I have been spending a lot of time browsing to different sections and have been loving it so far.
First of all thank you everyone for making this a awesome place the community here feels really great and helpful.

Now about me I'm a software engineer and a freelance web developer as a side hustle doing this since 3 years now and hopefully I could also contribute to this forum by using my SE skills.
I also do a lot of DevOps and server stuff so definitely can help some people if they are facing issues or wanna learn some new things or how to secure servers and all.

Other than this I also have a awesome NAS cum media center setup and would love to share details on how to achieve the same if anyone is interested.

That's all from me and don't be a grammar nazi XD .


Would love to know about your nas (home lab?) experience!
This really started with a old pentium 4 box with 512mb ram with some old hard drives just as a basic file server.
As I learnt more and more I moved to a Core 2 Quad 4GB ram system using xpenology. Then I started dockerizing all my apps and created a awesome automated setup for movies, shows, music, backup and a ton of other things.

Xpenology was great but the software updates breaking things and hardware incompatibilites really got on my nerves so I moved to Openmediavault and got some new hardware as well.
Since my apps were dockerized the move was pretty smooth and I have been loving it since then.
It was a fun little project and I really recommend others to try this as well as it goes from experimentation to kind of a hobby so fast.