Here’s How You Address Slow Broadband Speeds Instantly


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Increasing number of people are relying on the internet for work, education, and entertainment, as social distancing becomes a way of life This has placed greater demand on network infrastructure, and is leaving people frustrated at seemingly slow internet speeds.

With that said, here are a few simple work from home tips and solutions you can try out to improve your broadband speeds, especially if you’re experiencing flickering Zoom calls, slow speeds, glitchy streaming, etc.

1.Troubleshoot Your Router
Even the most patient of people may lose their minds when speeds drop during crucial moments. If you find something’s off, run the troubleshooting wizard for your router. Try hard-resetting the router or reconfiguring the settings and run a speed test to notice any improvements. Also, remember to switch off your router for 10 minutes every day to give it a rest.

2.Change the Placement of Your Router
Placing your router close to electrical appliances leads to electromagnetic interference and impacts broadband speeds. Ensure that the router is not placed on a refrigerator & a microwave. Keep your router in open spaces or the hallway where the router signals can reach your laptops and smartphones freely. If there are walls in the room and your router has more than one antenna, angle up one of the antennae to boost signal strength. Keep the other antenna vertical. By switching up the angles, the router is able to transmit signals through walls more effectively and not get disrupted. You will experience a better speed when you are in the 5m radius of the router.

3.Tighten Up Your Network Security
Your broadband plans may get leached by other users if you’re not careful and too casual. If your network security is not up to the mark, users can hack into your network and tap into your broadband plans. Use complex passwords and WPA2 security for your router settings and make sure there are no malware, keyloggers or phishing apps installed on your system which could track key-presses and leak out your passwords. This is why having an up-to-date antivirus software is also important and essential for users who frequently work from home. Here’s a detailed guide that can help you secure your Wi-Fi.

4.Disable Your VPN
If you work from home and have enabled your VPN, it’s going to affect your broadband speeds while on video or VoLTE calls. Make sure you disable it before making any zoom calls, uploading files, or hosting video conferences.

5.Use LAN Cables
Just like upgrading your broadband internet plans, upgrading your router hardware and using LAN cables will make a significant difference in boosting upload and download speeds. Not all ethernet LAN cables are equal and if you are using old ethernet LAN cables, upgrade to Cat-6 and Cat-6a cables for attaining lightning-fast speed. LAN cables help in diverting the maximum bandwidth of the connection to the device plugged-in. This can help you avoid getting slower speeds due to multiple devices being connected and eating up the bandwidth of the connection.

6.Plan your internet usage
If you are experiencing a lag or buffering, try to plan your family’s internet usage. It is recommended that you avoid streaming HD content while video conferencing. Also, you can plan & manage your internet activities that require high bandwidth - downloading or uploading large files outside peak hours.



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Bad placement of router can sometimes result in like even less than 10% speeds as it happened in my case. My house isn't big and is actually akin a 3 BHK (1000 Sqft) and have a router bang in middle of the flat and I thought this was sufficient.
But once we installed a tv in one of the bedrooms and wanted to use firestick to stream content, we suffered constant buffering and when I did speed test with an app on firestick, I was getting 1 Mbps or less when my ISP speed was 25 Mbps.

That's when I decided to use another router in middle and connected it with the main router via a LAN cable and now in bedroom too we get full 25 Mbps as I am now connected to the nearer router.