High Speed sEEd BoX @ 799 @ 6 months

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High Speed Biohost.info Seed Box For Sale

Purchased It early This Month.

But the biohost ppl gave me the account details almost a month llate

valid till 29/11/2010

Note the invoice sheet is showing from the date the Paymnet was made But i was given details 24 days later so the validity inside My account is Showing to 29/11/2010

got account details 2 days prior

As u can see purshased for 25$ and selling for RS 799 Only.

Lets Pictures Speak The details Of the Seed Box.

Those who Wanna query what Seed Box is Plzzz do it on google.

This thread Is not the place to do It.

And For those ppl who wanna discuss Prices About other seedbosex then dont do it either

Plzz open a thread for that in the appropriate section

And Plzzz no crapping the thread

And Use Pm route if u do want To

Any Of these 3 activities Done ll be reported.

The account ll be transfered to the usernames Email Id

Its registered On One Of My Spare email Ids

The detail will be given as money reflects in My account

Let me remember u guys Again 6 months 799 Rs

The account will not be shared it lll be completely the buyers account

@mods if anything is wrong in the thread i wanna here it from u ppl.

Troed to follow Market Rules.
Sold to abishek22 although he Paid only 750/-
Waiting for amount to get reflected
ll give the details regarding the account afterwards
Not open for further replies.