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@Ra.hul My order from Lego has been delivered yesterday (16th Jan 11 AM in US date/time). Kindly confirm and let me know further details. Have messaged you on telegram as well.
Yes I got this Please telegram me your details need to prepare paperwork.
My order is delivered to him as well. didn't get any response to telegram messages!!!
Please send me a message again.
1st and 2nd batch is under customs clearance. This weekend will start local shipment. Respective buyers will get calls for address confirmation.


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What was the cost of the Amazon Fire HD tab incl his fees? Is the tablet good?

Which one you planning 10 inch or 8 inch? Also I strongly recommend you wait for prime day or so offer as the 10 incher which is usually $149 is $79.99 then.


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how much will a consignment of size 15x10x6 inch and 3kg cost. minimum and max so as to give least customs in case


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Hi, I have iPhone 12 Pro max 256 gb pacific blue Sealed with invoice. If any one needs this can give as I already have same phone with me. Cost will be 109000. Delivered anywhere in India. This will take as usual 1.5 months to 2 months
Phone has reached vapi. got call from your person. will collect from him on Saturday.


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Not yet. But I got an update that shipment will come Wednesday as 26th is Holiday. Mostly Local shipment will start on Thursday or Friday. You will get a call for address confirmation and Courier Tracking Details.
when can i expect my shipment to be delivered?


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Check pm .
People who have already done deals with Rahul( Since Rahul is got his hands full and takes time to reply)
Can you help me answer few things.

Once i Get a quote ...Do I need to pay the quotation Immediately or till it arrives in India? Also I dont use UPI possible to just pay directly in bank account?
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Most people have received call regarding their shipment. I will check yours and let you know by tomorrow.
I would request members to call +91 6354-056477 Sujay for local updates
Called Sujay for updates just now. My keyboard is one of the items that hasn't arrived yet and a consignment is expected to arrive at the warehouse tomorrow. Have asked him to contact me when it is ready to be shipped locally.


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anyone ordered from (US or other country). How much is charges for importing Mobile phone and tablet replacement screen.