How to use colour logos(sprays) in cs 1.5


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I see tht color sparays r available on the net for cs 1.5 but after pastin them in my logos folder when I try to use it it doesnt work

It doesnt show up in the customize->spraypaint image

sum1 plz help


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i hope u r using them correctly...

CS 1.5
Download HL Tag converter or Decal Converter
make your image an save it
open it up in either hl tag converter or decal converter and save it to your cstrike folder (not counter-strike folder)
now rename it pldecal.wad, if it already isn't named that

CS 1.6
Make your image in photoshop or something
resize it to any size divisble by 16 (16,32,64, etc)
now open it in wally
go to File>New>Half-life wad
right click your image
copy it
now go to Wizard and conver to hl wad
check the (from clipboard part)
then press ok
now if your image is all messed up, just click it
now right click the {LOGO and rename it LOGO
Now go to File>Save as and name it tempdecal.wad and repeat again an name it temppldecal.wad
Place these files in cstrike folder (not Counter-Strike) folder
now go into a game and spray
it make take a while for the spray to load into teh server (it might show an orange hl sign to show it's nlot loaded