PC Peripherals Hp-800va Ups


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i came across a HP 800VA UPS at SP road and it was priced similar to 650VA of APC. I am confused about the choice now. i have a sysem with E6750, gigabyte 965G DS3, XFX 8800 GTS 2GB DDR2 and it is powered by coolermaster extreme 500W PSU. I know APC is a safe and trusted brand but HP wouldnt be far behind right?

i currently have a 17" CRT and will be geting a 19" soon. So please advise on the UPS.


Since wen did HP start manufacturin UPSs???? :S

U sure it is an HP??? Coz the price then isn't justifiable as far as HP is concerned....

And btw ur rig requires the 750VA at least-it has an o/p of 500w... I meant the APC smart series entry level...


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well i have seen that HP ups it was connected to XBOX 360.when ever power goes we used to get 3 red lights from the xbox.so the thing is its switchover wasn't fast enough for the xbox 360 where as when connected to the old APC500va no such errors on the xbox 360.


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Lol ... even i got that HP ups for 3000 Odd rupees... it for sure is an HP .. :p... the computer is personal again ;) , its a 800 VA ups.. and i've not opened it till yet !