HP and IBM Laptop Spares

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I have the following items for sale -

4Nos. 1GB DDR2 Laptop RAM (Transcend and HP) - Rs.1000/GB

1No. 160GB External Seagate HDD with Transcend Casing (Still under warranty) - Rs.1500/-

1No. HP dv6000 LCD Screen with Bezel and 2.0MP Camera - Rs.5000/-

1No. IBM Thinkpad R52 LCD Screen with Bezel - Rs.5000/-

1No. HP dv6000 Keyboard - Rs.750/- (Letter "G" is a little wobbly. Works perfectly)

Battery - Rs.600/- (Battery Lasts for 10-15 mins after pulling the power out)

Charger - Rs.1200/-

1No. IBM R52 Keyboard - Rs.1500/-

Battery - Rs.1200/- (Lasts 1hr and 30 mins)

Charger - Rs.1200/-

1No. HP dv6000 Multimedia Remote - Rs.300

1No. HP dv6000 Casing w/dead motherboard AMD Turion X2 Processor - Rs.9000/- (Proccy + Heatsink + Touchpad + Chassis + Touch Buttons + DVD Drive + BT Module - Works Perfectly)

1No. IBM R52 Casing w/motherboard Intel Centrino 1.73GHZ processor - Rs.7500/- (Everything in order expect the power module)

All items are in condition as mentioned. Shipping will be done at additional costs.

I am also willing to sell the whole thing as a package HP dv6284eu (Dead Motherboard) - Rs.12,000/- SOLD

IBM Thinkpad R52 (Faluty Power Module - Cheap Fix) - Rs.10,000/-

Send me a PM for any further details. These are priced to move fast and I need to get rid of it ASAP. PM offer prices as early as possible.
upload photographs along wid ur name n date or d MODs will delete the thread... Also, I'm interested in HP Charger...
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