HP ZE4500 Laptop...7k.

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The laptop is in complete working condition
Perfect for a download-rig, sturdy built.

Processor: Intel centrino 1.83 ghz
Screen: 15 inch
Hard-disk: 40 gb
Optical drive: CDR-R/DVD
Altec Lancing speakers
Ram: 192 mb
Battery backup: Did not do an in-depth analysis but lasts hour plus...will update more if needed.
USB: 2 slots
Built in modem
LAN slot

*Original hp carrycase for 15 inch laptops bought from Malaysia
*I will also provide an original buffalo wireless adapter (price:1000 Rs) and driver cd which i bought from a member on TE.

Reason for sale:
The laptops hard-disc had crashed and never got around to replace it.Did so recently for selling it and thats why battery still has some juice. Also need to mention that the adapter makes some noise but no working issues.

Local buyers preferred as laptop with bag is bulky to courier.Buyer can come to my place, verify and check before payment.
Can ship (buyer paying shipping) if no locals will be interested.
Modes of payment accepted are cash (for direct dealing) or NEFT.
Willing to provide a 3 day working warranty.

Sum links
HP Pavilion ze4500 specs - gdgt
HP Pavilion ze4500 Notebook PC (AMD) - HP Customer Care (United States - English)


@technubie:I think its priced alrite.

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payment details sent to kishan_razor..on hold
Please advise me the Acct details... 99.9% I will buy it..for .1% please give me Ram speed details? cause i might upgrade.

zino and iyengar have also shown interest.
Will correspond if kishan_razor backs out.
He had asked to send a/c details...maybe he didn't get it last time so seeing how this deal develops..
as of now the interest line is (in order)

AAAAARGH Pat! y u took so long to get here....
now kishan has made the payment and i will have to pack it and stuff!!!
btw kishan, u have sent the money...but not pmed/smsed ur address....where will i send it ??? :confused:

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Okay...address received...shall ship it asap.
update: shipped yesterday.
waitnig for it to reach and exchange ratings.
thread open till that time.
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