HTC Legend (4 months old)

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HTC Legend -- Price Dropped!!!!

Hii friends,
Here again with a new sale. I want to sell my 4 months old HTC Legend. Purchased it from Univercell Hyderabad on 21st May 2010. The phone is in absolutely perfect 9.9/10 condition (aluminium unibody and scratch-proof screen glass).
I purchased it for Rs. 24100. The current prices are ranging from Rs. 22000 to Rs. 23500.
The phone currently runs on Android 2.1 update1 and the Froyo update is due to release anytime now (Flash 10 support, 2x-5x speed enhancement, Wifi tether and many more new features).

Sold to khanvis2009

Along with the box, bill, 2GB MicroSD, HTC earplugs, charger and the inbox accessories, I am also including a 4GB SanDisk MicroSD card and a Creative EP630.

The reason for sale: Purchasing HTC Desire, which was not released at the time of purchase of HTC Legend.

Here are a few pics attached:

Interested buyers PM me for ph no. or mail me at for further questions.
And I am also available on Skype at my id: sachinkumarrajput
Regards :)
One a note : Refrain from posting your mobile number openly in the forum. If you want to exchange your mobile no. with the buyer, use PM. :)
XTechManiac said:
One a note : Refrain from posting your mobile number openly in the forum. If you want to exchange your mobile no. with the buyer, use PM. :)
totally right, you never know some sexy pyscho chick keeps calling middle of the night !
How is the browsing experience on this? How does this wifi tether work? Will I able able to use the wifi tether on this phone and browse net on my iPad. Sorry for the off topic question. I am actually looking for an Android device and am interested in this..
The browsing experience is as smooth as iPhone 3g/3gs, no lag in pinch zooming, gliding and everything is fast.

Wifi tether is being added with the Android 2.2 Froyo update, which is about to release now any day for the Legend (released in Desire, EVO and Incredible).

Here is the complete list of Froyo update changes:

Android 2.2 Platform Highlights | Android Developers

Legend is a performer at a very less price, plus it has great looks. Check out these lists:
It supports MP4/H.263/H.264 .. Naah I havent tried. But the Android 2.2 update might unlock 720p video recording as it did on Desire.
I was actually talking about it playing 720p movies.

Also, I see a Macbook in the background of the pics you posted. Hows are the sync options with OSX?
Never tried playing movies at all actually. :)

I sync everything with Lookout (Backs up Contacts, Calender, Call list, Messages and Photos on the cloud, a good antivirus and can help you locate your phone).

For music I use doubleTwist for both OSX and Windows.
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