HTC Legend (Six month old)

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Model : HTC Legend running 2.1 Android
purchased in April
Selling price: 16k (fixed price)
Location: Bangalore
content: handset, headset, USB charger with detachable cable, 2GB microSD
handset condition: few scratches here and there, unnoticeable.

Reason for Sale : Going for N900
Shipping charges extra. Prefer local buyers

sorry for low quality images. Took the using friend's old phone.

PS: No low-balling please.
Just one scratch at the top which is usual for touch displays. Ay the rear, there are few that are tiny. These are along the areas where the mobile touches surface. Overall, device is shiny.
vjkabraham said:
Do you have the box and bill for this one?
yes. The box and bill will be shipped. If needed, I shall put the photos after reaching home today.

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