Hub, Lan card, Laptop DDR2 Ram, 2.5" IDE casing, Sound card, CD writer - FOR SALE

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Sanjeet Arora

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Some stuff for sale
SMC Ethernet hub with adapter(8 port) - Rs. 400/-

Samsung CD writer - Rs. 200/-(Some problem with the eject tray. Doesn't comes out some times. Solution - Insert pin and drag it out:hap2:) - On hold for NAV33N

Laptop 512mb DDR2 ram - Rs. 300/- [SOLD TO htnakirs]

Zippys 2.5" IDE external usb casing - Rs. 200/-

ESS Allegro Sound card - Rs. 200/-

Relatek Lan card - Rs. 100/-
(Sorry forgot to take pics due to so many items:mad:. But will post if someone is interested)
No product is under warranty. Have personally tested everthing for 1 day. All are working fine.
All prices excluding shipping.
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