i7 920 and compatible mobo

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2x2=4GB Value rams

Want to buy - Value rams ddr3 2x2=4GB

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Mobo from - Vivek90 - Got the mobo.

CPU from - Roboghost - Got the CPU

do u need ram for it.. i have it for sale..and i can rrange for gigabyte EX58 UD5 2 years warranty left for 12k shipped..
Khimera said:
Looking for i7 920 and compatible mobo combination. Not looking for anything greater than 20k for combination.This is for my friend who is planning to upgrade his system. If he doesnt get it by this weekend, he will be buying an i5 750 and compatible mobo this weekend. So the thread is open only for a week. He is NOT an overclocker, so do not need mobo with overclocking features.


Bikenstien has the CPU for sale & has posted that he may arrange a mobo for it, if someone is really interested.
Contact him. You should get a hell of a deal if you are in Mumbai as he does not generally ships the items
I contacted Bikey before posting here. Since his CPU is almost gone, i am searching for a combo here. Cant block the money buying mobo and RAM without CPU. So as i said, want both CPU and Mobo ( Incase i get both then i will plan for RAM) I cant get a combo before weekend, then it will be i5.
I have gigiabyte ud5 ex58 with ram for 20k shipped :) crucial ballitx pc1600mhz 6 gb kit cl8 . can also arrange for cpu .. let me know..
Thanks anks but just finished the deal with vivek90 and Roboghost. I am interested in some value rams (2x2=4GB) since this is going to be a non overclocking machine. BUMP for the RAM chips
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