i7 930 + MSI Big Bang Xpower + MSI GTX 470 + CM Silent Pro 850W

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Up for sale are the following items :
1> i7 930 (does 4.5GHz on air) 1 month old -> SOLD
2> Msi BigBang Xpower X58 (1 month old) -> 16.5k
3> MSI GTX 470 - SOLD
4> CM Silent Pro 850W -> 8.5k (1 month old)

All hardware in top notch condition.

Reason for sale : Need urgent cash to settle out bills after last night's accident.

Looking Delhi/NCR buyers who can arrange pickup. Not adverse to shipping but out station buyers need to give me some time so that i can arrange some to ship the stuffs. I'm in no conditiobn to walk.

All items have original box & bill.
Offtopic: Take care man. Hope you are alright ..... (not typing with one hand are you :p :lol:) ....
It may be a fracture in the left knee. Not sure.
Thnx for shopwing concern guys.
Now some plz buy the stuff. i need the cash.
Sorry to hear that bro..if only this would have been put up before!

Anyways Guys this is a steal deal, Core i7 930 is an awesome proccy Grab it!!
do let me know if i can be of any help. i'll be there in a second.
anyways, take care.
let me find some buyer for the stuff at my end.
Dude, I just bought i7 930 + MSI Big Bang X-Power from Prime, Mumbai. Wish I had waited for couple of days more :(
But too bad about your accident, wish you speedy recovery.
Hope it's nothing serious man. Sent you a PM about the processor. Damn, my money is with Techshop.in for the same processor, otherwise I would have picked it up rightaway.
B U M P..............
I am getting offers for the cpu but not for the others.............
So no buyer for mobo & gpu?
Desecrator said:
Probable buyer! :p

Also have them listed on ebay if you desire a quick sale! :)

Get well soon and wish you a speedy recovery!

Thanks a lot Gannu. Have already spoken to him. Its just that i need to arrange for the shipping.

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ebay listing available.
Prices are negotiable. So guys pm me your quotes.
Combo deals :
CPU + MOBO = 27.5k
Special price for GPU if you buy it before weekend = 15.5k
Special price for PSU if you buy it before weekend = 7.5k

Pm me your quotes.
^^^ yep...:D
Now someone plz buy the mobo. Can negotiate the price. This should mostly cover the bill for repairing the bike .
B U M P for mobo and psu.

PM me your quotes.

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B U M P with price drop for mobo & psu

PSU is 7.5k local pickup.
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