IC: Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0


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I got the KIS 7.0 from a dealer for 500 + shipping.

He told me that there will be further discount if i order in bulk although how much, its not clear. Will get cleared only after i let him know of the quantity

I'm now getting 5 packs for my classmates.

If anyone of you are intrested then placing a bulk order might get the prices reduced.
One single pack is for 3 users. It has got 1 activation key which can be used on upto 3 computers.

The software ships in original box packing and is with receipt.

If good number of people are intrested then i can organise a GO for it and a better option in there will be that i'll provide the activation key which can be used to activate the demo version downloaded from net. This way it will save on further shipping cost from my place to the buyers.

I'll place the order on monday or maybe before that if i get sufficient number(Although i dont know what this sufficient number could be ! :p )
Okay got the final rates :

If the number is above

<10: Rs 500

>10 : Rs 475

>25 : Rs 450

Intrested People please PM me so that i can finalize on number

Payment will be by transfer into my Bro's ICICI a/c or PNB or SBI a/c.

People intrested

1. anandkrishnan
2. ronnie_gogs
3. 1 pack for my friend


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Ya its still available, if i get a good number of order then would go ahead ordering for u guys else if u want it then the discounted rates wont be applicable.
ok me intrested put me in the Q had asked amarbir as he was selling it for more or less the same price .just one Question is it including shipping !!hehe asking for more
Put me Down IN for 1 unit
Hey all, sorry for the late reply.
Actually the prices of KIS have fallen further but i'm running quite busy so its not possible for me to personally go and buy and courier the stuffs.

Prices for a 3 user licence valid for 1 year is Rs 450 now.

So if u peeps want the serial number w/o the shipping then i can help you in getting it or else TheITWares can ship to u w/o any hassel (My guess :) )