IC: Lava lamp @ 350 or less


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So I found this guy who has a lot of lava lamps with him. Following are the pictures he gave me :

Unfortunately he has only red. Design is pretty good IMO unlike the flashy ones.

Price quoted is 350 (cuz he claims they cost much much more) but I can probably negotiate with him if orders are more.

This deal is obviously better for Bangalore folks cuz of weight of the thing. I can arrange shipping too though I'll have to find out rates. Will do so once I get an idea of people interested :)
Interested people - (tentative)

superczar X 1
Anish X 2
metalspree X 2
hp-india - varies


rishabh.asthana - 2
Anish - 4
nfsnfs - 2

Here they are :



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Get two for me Ankit. I'll pick them up from you in mid-jan when I'm in bangalore. I can pay you whenever you tell me.


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I'd probably be interested for a couple of those.. Do let me know how much would be the shipping to Indore..


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rishabh.asthana said:
do have one in globe shape...if yes i would be taking 2 :) and i am from bangalore :)

You mean the plasma globes? Well the guy I'm in touch with has just these. I've seen those at some shops in koramangala but don't expect KMD type pricing on it. You can look city market side for cheaper deals but its a hit or miss.

Updated original post with people. Ill find out about shipping and let you guys know tomorrow evening.
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no problem bro i would take 2 of these also if the plasma globes are available i would take them too...also pm me your shipping details as i want them before new year :)


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Lol you guys should read the original post more thoroughly.

He has about 15-20 RED Lava Lamps ONLY. Nothing else at all.

The shipping is something i couldn't find out about today as I was busy but I'm assuming it to be in the range of 150. Yes you can pick it up from the original seller also i suppose. He's put up in Whitefield.

With that said, please let me know if you are interested :)


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I am still interested but does he have globes also or only the one's posted in pic.Can you PM me the address i am coming to Bangalore this weekend can i pick it from him directly or can i get ur no i will give u a buzz once i reach Bangalore.


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He has only lava lamps and only red colour. I'll find out his exact postal address. Its near Palm Medows in Whitefield.