IC : NOKIA 5800 XM Screen Guard

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NOKIA 5800 XM Screen Guard -- 100 + shipping @ actuals
Here is a special deal for 'Screen Ward' Guard.

This is a screen guard designed for NOKIA 5800 XM.

1. RoBoGhOsT - 1 no. - shipped
2. Jasku - 1 no. - shipped
3. draz - 2 nos. - shipped
4. ajex - 1 no. - shipped
5. Tamoghno - 2 nos. - shipped
6. vvikas - 1 no. - shipped
7. tommy_vercetti - 1 no. - shipped
8. Euro_Rules - 1 no. - shipped
9. Punker - 2 nos. - shipped
10. justaguy - 1 no. - shipped
11. ghost24 - 1 no. - shipped
1. Spacescreamer
2. Switch

It was selling at a price of 400/- at Croma gurgaon. But when I checked the same at a local Priority Dealer, he was selling it for 180.

Found another dealer selling the same for Rs.100, after a lot of bargaining :eek:hyeah: :eek:hyeah:

It consists of
1. Applicator
2. Front screen + back camera guard (2) :eek:hyeah:
3. Micro-Fiber cloth
4. The packing of course :rofl:

It covers everything leaving sensors, front camera, buttons.

I used stylus on the screen for quite some time , but no scratches at all, very good quality.

Features -- can be read from the pics attached.

Stock -- As of today he has got 23 of them.

New Price from new dealer Rs.100. Will confirm the order only after confirming stock from the dealer.

PM ME me for further details, shipping via DTDC.

this is the "same" one i have on mine !.....works perfect and no issues watsoever !.....a pal got the same one for 300 from a hep shop !!!
I got the same one meself. Works good.

I got it for Rs 150/- from the same shop i picked up the 5800. (it was selling for 399/- at croma thou:p )
I suggested a friend to go to the same shop for the screen guard, and try and bargain a bit.

He got a quote for Rs.130 (each, if 5 pieces are bought at the same time, i.e in bulk ) :rofl:
Rs. 180 (if less than 5) - hes not moving on this one :mad:
nishantgandhi said:
Check ebay. Its available for Rs 75-149

r u insane ??
theres not even a single link on ebay selling below 160/- + shipping afaik and I am giving it to you directly from the seller.

Stay away from here. :mad: :mad:
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