Intel Atom based NAS/download rig

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Selling my 24x7 headless NAS/download machine since I've decided to switch to a small netbook.

1. Intel Atom 230 integrated motherboard - D945GCLF Source/DOP - Prime ABGB/April 2009.
Link - Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF - Overview Warranty - 3 years from the date of purchase.
Asking price - Rs. 2000 shipped .

PS: The 40mm fan (atop the NB heatsink) stopped working after a couple of months' usage - I've zip-tied a 60mm NMB fan which serves more than just the purpose. The discerning user may purchase a 40mm x 10mm fan and screw it to the heatsink, in case warranty has to be claimed in the future.

2. Antec NSK4400 Enclosure:
- Purchased from TheITDepot's special deal during late July 2009.
- Can ship only thru a courier service since the post office refuses to take such stuff.
- The 120mm hole at the bottom of the enclosure shall be installed with the stock Antec fan (thus the price!) that came with the enclosure.
-Asking price - 800 + shipping.

Mandatory pics:


^ :rofl:

Gannu sir- is the psu a Saga+ or a SagaII?

Please put me in line for it if it's the SagaII- was going to buy one anyways. :)

(The one the in the pic is an AX400? :S)

And PM trigger/Trigger. :)

He was looking for a download rig. :)
@stalky: :p :ashamed:

@Bikey: Its a Saga II 350W. Which's the cheapest of thee FSPs Amarbir sir's selling. Its an AX400 or as the model number says but this's the thing which came inside the box. And please let me know if anyone in Mumbai wants the NSK4400. I'm headed to Mumbai on Jan 16th for giving my CEED 2010. Shall happily drag this along. :p

Shall PM trigger/Trigger. :)
gannu wait for my message.

have got a friend looking for a cheap pc, may take the complete bundle. and he is here in surat so no shipping hassels :p
Errm okies. Have a member interested in the hard drive. Please ask your friend and convey the message fast Doc! Except for the power supply I dont mind passing the rest. Bikey has shown interest in the PSU already - if he backs out I shall gladly pass the entire stuff to your friend. :)

As always, local shipping will be given preference. Just a heads up. :p
^ If someone wants full rig/all stuff or is a local buyer, there is no harm in giving them preference imho.

Just that one should inform the priorly interested peeps about the same.

A genuine person(interested buyer) will understand. :)

I know i can steal the psu from you when you are headed to Mumbai and i am in no hurry either. :p

But if you are getting a buyer for the full rig or if some local buyer wants the psu too along with some other major item; i.e. if me letting it go facilitates your sale in any way, please do me a favour and go ahead with the deal. :)
was constantly nudging the friend, to give me the answer fast :p

he still has not replied, you are free to sell off the material to the first in line who were before me.

And bikey dada cant be overlooked, his needs are weightier than mine (pun intended). :lol:

best of luck for the sale gannu.
^Haven't received the payment yet. Shall update the thread when it happens.

HDD sold to coolstone0211.

Meanwhile bump for the Atom combo, RAM and the enclosure.
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