Intel C2D E6600 + Intel DG965RY

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Selling on behalf of a very good friend- as a combo only.
Intel DG965RY motherboard

Intel Core2Duo E6600
Expected price- Rs.5500/-
selling as got new stuff.
Bought in 2007 iirc and items have remaining manufacturer/distributor warranty.

Mobo has around 6 months warranty left iirc.

CPU may have less.

(will look for the bills and update exact details soon)
In good condition.

No box for cpu, only chip and stock hsf.

Box for mobo and i/o plate and instruction chart and driver CDs too iirc.

Only for local buyers or those who can arrange pickup. :)

(Others may PM if genuinely interested and i will check if i can send it across but local buyers will be given preference.)
@bikey: if u can confirm the warranty left on the board it will be gr8! , might pickup the motherboard if u find a seller for the cpu, or might pick both.
Sorry for the huge delay everyone and thank you for your response.

My friend is a bit confused over selling as a combo, in parts, cpu only or keeping a secondary rig. :ashamed:

Plus i need to check and declare the warranty details too before i commit a sale to anyone.

Please bear with me- will inform everyone who has responded to this thread. :)
E6600 was picked up and paid for by talsilo several weeks back. :)

Yet to be informed if i let go of mobo or not. :ashamed:
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